Integrating Liferay Developer Studio with JBoss Application Server 7.1

Liferay Developer Studio comes bundled with Tomcat server. Tomcat is usually useful to get things up and running however not so suitable for resource intensive applications. JBoss is usually is good choice for most requirements. The following are the instructions on how to integrate JBoss with Liferay.

  1. Download Liferay JBoss bundle from the liferay website and save it on your local drive. I saved to my local drive.
  2. Unzip this file to a folder of your choice. I unzipped it to C:\work\liferay-portal\liferay-portal-6.2-ee-sp7. This will your JBOSS_BUNDLE_HOME.
  3. Start the JBoss Server.
  4. If you navigate to http://localhost:8080/, you will see a message indicating that you dont have the Liferay License.
  5. Refer to section in my previous blog post on updating license.
  6. You also need to connect to the same database that you set up with Liferay Developer Studio. To connect to the existing database:
    1. Create a new file called in JBOSS_BUNDLE_HOME.
    2. Add the following properties to the file and restart your JBoss Application Server.
  1. Create a new file called in JBOSS_BUNDLE_HOME, add the following lines and save it.
    1.{your admin user email address}
    2. User
    3. liferay.home=C:/work/liferay-portal/liferay-portal-6.2-ee-sp7
    4. setup.wizard.enabled=false
  2. Create a new file called build.(your username}.properties in {LIFERAY_HOME}\liferay-developer-studio\liferay-plugins-sdk-6.2 and add the following lines and save it.
app.server.type = jboss
app.server.jboss.dir = ${app.server.parent.dir}/jboss-7.1.1 = ${app.server.jboss.dir}/modules/com/liferay/portal/main
app.server.jboss.portal.dir = ${app.server.jboss.dir}/standalone/deployments/ROOT.war
app.server.jboss.deploy.dir = ${app.server.jboss.dir}/standalone/deployments
app.server.parent.dir = C:/work/liferay-portal/liferay-portal-6.2-ee-sp7
  1. Restart your application server. You should automatically be navigated to the Portal Login page.